We love vinyl. And ordering online means that our lovely vinyl sometimes has to travel around the globe. But even when shipped closer to home, anything can happen.

Since we would hate to see your lovely vinyl get damaged or missing, we ship using high quality cardboard mailers. And we ONLY ship through REGISTERED mail. Insurance optional.

It means shipping is a bit more expensive, but at least you'll be able to enjoy your new vinyl damage free. 


All our releases are ALWAYS mastered for vinyl.

Artwork is ALWAYS specially made for our vinyl releases. If we can't use the original artwork source, we make new artwork ourselves. See Just Jack's Overtones album for example.

We love vinyl. So we don't cut corners to make an easy buck.


Music and vinyl are our passion. For us, the quality of our releases matters more to us than money. Sure, we need food too, but our goal is to make high quality records for a good retail price.